Determination Loop

Determination has an important place in our life. It provides sustainability to what we do. I’m going to tell you how it can be in a healthy way because if you have a bad idea, determination doesn’t work even it can be hurt you. We need to loop for configuring our determination so let’s look out…

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1- What is all this sacrifice for?

Determination takes sacrifice, you should ask yourself what is all this sacrifice for? We begin with thinking about that, it provides to make a good plan also keep your motivation high because when you see your progress step by step you are going to feel and say: “I’m doing this.”, “I’m good at that.” sometimes you feel down: “ Why I ‘m doing this?”, “I can’t figure out.” At that moment you need to take a deep breath, keep your eyes close and imagine yourself in a positive future I can see your smile on your face :) You will relax, focus on…

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2-Progress should be step by step

Achieving goals is more like climbing mountains, people want to jump from start to end but it’s impossible, as I said, like climbing mountains, you need to know which ledges you hold on to. Don’t forget all in the order, you couldn’t jump. It’s the will of tiredness so you shouldn’t listen to it. That’s the point of how we can do overcome with determination. Now we are in the loop, write your goals where you want, and add what’s point of putting away my goals, do like list. I can say it won’t be well, you will feel in an emptiness last but not least and most important thing “ the time passed won’t come back.” That is your motivation to keep going so completed steps give you confidence, that is the feeling needed to push hard.

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3-How is durability ensured?

You are going to play with some extraordinary players. Who are they? What are we gonna play? You gonna play with stress, boredom, and things that amuse you. Our game name is durability and we don’t have any option to play or not, also the only difficulty level we can choose, it‘s hard. That is should be in the back of our minds.

You need to reward yourself end of every completed step. Tiredness must be gone, your relaxing activity has to be good vision so it should be pragmatic e.g if your mind is exhausted, you shouldn’t watch TV maybe you should go for a walk, everyone knows themselves better.

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4- Routinize

Routinize is the most important thing in our loop. You can do everything correctly, your steps can be perfect but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do it routinely so let’s list what I say

1- Think about all sacrifices and will it be worth doing?

2- Whatever you do make a plan and don’t forget it is step by step

3-Keep going, never think about giving up , find your optimum

4- Finally configure all this in a routinize




KOU -Information Systems Engineering

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Ali Tunahan Avcu

Ali Tunahan Avcu

KOU -Information Systems Engineering

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